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Monday, October 22, 2012

Hey there my crazy crafting friends.... I have changed my blog address.  I've started an etsy shop and I want the blog address and etsy shop to match...Sweet Adelaide Designs is also the etsy shop.  (I've had a few issues getting the shop set up so keep looking back and I'll be there soon)
So here is my new blog address:

Please join me on my new blog and we'll create together.

Have a wonderfully blessed day.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hey there everyone... I am moving to a new blog address.
Please join me at
I am moving up my creative business selling handmade items and I am going to try to blog for you more and share my projects with you..

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wimberley Trade Days

Ok ya'll so I am so excited.  My friend Donna and are I going to be setting up a booth at Wimberley Trade Days in Wimberley, Texas.  Donna makes NO SLIP headbands.  Yes NO SLIP.  She wears them to workout and everything and they stay put.
  I am making shabby chic/romantic creations. To include: lamps, bags, flowers, barrettes, some home goods, small furniture pieces, silhouettes, stockings,  hats,  frames and whatever else I can get painted and transformed before next weekend.
The event is taking place on September 1st so come out and join us.
Here is a sneak peak of my very messy studio right now as I work on stuff for you!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shabby Chic Table Refinish

Refinish your kitchen table!!!

Ok so I love my "new" table.  I had this great table from Pottery Barn but I never really loved the finish just the price.... yes I loved my Pottery Barn price.  I bought it at the outlets in San Marcos about 6 years ago... the original price was $1250 but I got it for $250 as it had a couple irregularities.  Wahoo!!!!

I decided to strip the entire table... My husband absolutely loved helping me carry this very heavy 12 foot solid wood table outside... Ha!!! I used both a chemical stripper and a sander but after finally getting the top cleanly stripped I decided that the legs would look great painted white....  I then made my own "chalk paint" and painted right over the black non sanded legs.... yes chalk paint is wonderful no prep work required.. After the paint dried I then took my very tired sander and rubbed off some of the white to reveal the original black and some of the wood color underneath....  To make the top resistant to my kiddos I used a Beeswax and Citrus oil product and rubbed it in... The directions said to then rub off the rest after sitting for a few minutes but the wood soaked it up nicely so I left it... as is...The Beeswax/Orange oil worked well... my son got sharpie on it today and it rubbed right off with a magic eraser, I made him do the scrubbing ;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Master Bedroom?

Our  master bedroom is gimungous...Yes that's a word in the Rene' dictionary.... We are lacking a couple bedrooms in this house so my boys are using what the former owners turned into an office as their bedroom and we have divided the master so that we have a study in here.  I have large plans (shh don't tell my husband) for this room but for now the bookcase dividers work nicely...The bookcases, file cabinet, bins and desk are all from IKEA..  I tend to prefer junk but IKEA has some great inexpensive options that work fabulous and... dangerously enough it is now only 8 miles from my house!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Living room transformation in progress

Ok so when we moved in this house the living room was a very very dark green not horrible but not for me.... I wanted to lighten the room up and even neutralize it so that I'd be able to use whatever colors my mood swings me to. I think the new color is a huge improvement!!!!!  I'm working on more stuff for the living room and I'll be posting that as I get to it.... The cabinet under the tv... was a goodwill redo... the two chairs in the top pic were $19 each at goodwill.. I also have plans for them.  Check back in later to see which project I've decided to get done...

Felt Flower Scarves

Felt Rose Scarves.....

First I cut Circles out of the felt you'll want 3 different sizes and about 15-20 of each size depending on the length of scarf you want to make.  I'd recommend 5" ,4" and 3" circles.  After you cut the circles you may want to cut around them to make them a little wavy to add dimension to your flowers.

I then cut three different sizes of tulle circles.  (4 1/2" and 3 1/2" and 2")
I burned the edges of the tulle with a candle to make the edges curl.

After you have all the circles cut and burned, layer your flower pieces.
Fold the flower in half and sew through the middle.  Do this a few times so that it is very tight and will hold.

Open up the flower and fold in half again the other way... Repeat the sewing this direction...

Open up the flower and sew some beads into the center to add some sparkle.
Repeat this with all of your flowers .

After you've completed the flowers cut yourself a 4"wide strip of felt to the length that you would like your scarf to be.
Start tacking the flowers to the felt scarf to get your spacing right...
Now pull the layers of your flower up and sew around the flower very close to the inside to attach it firmly to the scarf.. I then found that it was helpful to kinda pull on the thread so that the flower will pucker... now hold firmly and knot your thread....

Voila... a couple of hours later you will have a beautiful scarf.... Yes it takes a little while to make but the results are beautiful.

My first attempt I used 6 layers of felt on the flowers and that took forever and the flowers didn't gather as well since they were so heavy so I played and camed up with my 3 felt 3 tulle version.  You could also use some poly satin in between the layers but I would also burn the edges to make them curl and keep them from fraying.